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Meet Your Diagnosticians

Carrie Lapaire Harmon

Florida Extension Plant Disease Clinic, Gainesville

The Florida Extension Plant Disease Clinic (FEPDC)-Gainesville is the resource diagnostic clinic for the citizens of the State of Florida, the Florida Plant Diagnostic Network and is the location of the Rapid Turfgrass Diagnostic Service . FEPDC-Gainesville is also the hub clinic for the Southern Plant Diagnostic Network and a participating clinic in the National Plant Diagnostic Network . The FEPDC serves the state and region through diagnosis of commercial, homeowner, and extension diseases on samples submitted to the laboratory for turf, ornamentals, fruits and vegetables, and other plants.  Specific areas of diagnostic expertise include: Asian Soybean Rust, Citrus Greening, Fusarium Wilt of Palm, Lethal Yellowing of Coconut Palm, and Sudden Oak Death.