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For Sample Submitter

It is highly recommended that you establish communications with specialists before submitting a sample. If this is the first time you plan to send a DDIS sample to a specialist, you should contact the specialist first to make sure he/she will accept your sample. A list of registered DDIS specialists can be found at DDIS Website.

If the specialist is not a registered DDIS user, please ask the specialist to register on the DDIS Website or contact the Help Desk at IFAS Information Technology for assistance.

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For Specialists

If you received an email notification about a DDIS sample and you are not a registered DDIS user, please become a DDIS user by visiting the DDIS Website and select "Sign Up".

When you receive a DDIS sample notification, please try to reply as quickly as you can. Your rapid response could have an important impact on Florida's agriculture.

When you make your response, please login to DDIS and make your diagnosis.

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