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Distance Diagnostic and Identification System (DDIS)

The DDIS for Extension is developed jointly by the extension agents, specialists and faculty of UF/IFAS Information Technology. The system is designed specifically for university agricultural specialists and diagnostic laboratories or clinics. DDIS provides a collaboration and communication platform for first detectors, extension specialists and diagnosticians to share information on plant insects and diseases. The system uses field data and digital media as tools for enhancement of diagnosis of plant diseases, insects, weeds, invasive species, plant management, physiology, and nutrient problems.

Through interactions on the Internet between extension agents and specialists, problems can be communicated immediately and assessed. Specialists around the state can perform diagnosis and identification and provide the best management practice recommendations to the users. The archived DDIS database becomes a resource for research, educational programs, and classroom teaching.

The threat of pests and plant diseases has the potential to seriously damage our agriculture and food supply. The DDIS can be used as a tool to enhance the capacity for screening, early detection, monitoring, pest mapping, and rapid communication to protect agriculture.

DDIS: Protecting agriculture in Florida and beyond.