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Registered DDIS Specialists

Specialists below are DDIS users.  If you want to find more specialists in UF/IFAS, please click HERE.

Name Specialty Unit Email City
Andersen, Peter  Fruit Crops  North Florida REC - Quincy   Quincy 
Baker, Shirley  Invertebrates  Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences  Gainesville 
Bartz, Jerry  Postharvest plant pathology  Plant Pathology   Gainesville 
Blount, Ann  Forages  North Florida REC - Marianna  Marianna 
Brecht, Jeffrey  Postharvest Horticulture  Horticultural Sciences  Gainesville 
Brecke, Barry  Weed Science  West Florida REC  Milton 
Buckner, Eva  Medical entomology   Vero Beach 
Busey, Philip  Turf  Ft. Lauderdale - REC   Davie 
Buss, Lyle  Insect identification  Entomology and Nematology   Gainesville 
Cave, Ronald  Coleoptera  Indian River REC - Ft. Pierce  Ft. Pierce 
Cichra, Chuck  Fish, aquatic invertebrates, aquatic plants  Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences  Gainesville 
Clark, David  Floriculture   Gainesville 
Crane, Jonathan  Tropical Fruit Production  Tropical REC - Homestead   Homestead 
Crow, William  Nematology  Entomology and Nematology   Gainesville 
Cuda, James  Biological control of invasive weeds  Entomology and Nematology  Gainesville 
Diepenbrock, Lauren  Citrus Entomology   Lake Alfred 
Dufault, Nicholas  Plant Pathology Vegetables and Row Crops  Plant Pathology   Gainesville 
Elliott, Monica  palm diseases  Ft. Lauderdale - REC   Fort Lauderdale 
EstÚvez, Consuelo  Phytopathology  University of PR   Ponce 
Ferrell, Jason  Weeds  Agronomy  Gainesville 
Frank, Marc S.  Plant Identification, Horticultural Taxonomy  Herbarium   Gainesville 
Funderburk, Joe  Thrips  North Florida REC - Quincy   Quincy 
Gazis, Romina  tropical plant pathology   Homestead 
Gettys, Lyn  Aquatic and Wetland Plants  Ft. Lauderdale - REC   Davie 
Harmon, Carrie  Plant disease diagnosis  Plant Pathology   Gainesville 
Harmon, Phil  Turf, Ornamentals, Blueberries  Plant Pathology   Gainesville 
Harrison, Nigel  Bacterial diseases  Ft. Lauderdale - REC   Fort Lauderdale 
Hochmuth, George  Soil fertility and plant nutrition  Soil and Water Science   Gainesville 
Hodges, Amanda  Invasive insect species  Entomology and Nematology   Gainesville 
Hodges, Greg  Scale Insects and Whiteflies  FDACS   Gainesville 
Hostetler, Mark  Wildlife  Wildlife Ecology and Conservation  Gainesville 
Hulcr, Jiri  wood borers, bark beetles, ambrosia beetles  School of Forest Resources and Conservation   Gainesville 
Iriarte, Fanny  Plant Pathology   Quincy 
Johnson, Steve  Urban Wildlfie, Amphibians, Reptiles  Wildlife Ecology and Conservation   Plant City 
Kern, Jr., William  Urban Entomology and Wildlife  Ft. Lauderdale - REC   Davie 
Knox, Gary  Nursery/Landscape plants  North Florida REC - Quincy   Quincy 
Leibee, Gary  Entomology  Mid-Florida REC - Apopka   Apopka 
Li, Yuncong  Soil, plant nutrition, fertilizer, water quality  Tropical REC - Homestead   Homestead 
Liburd, Oscar  Pest management of small fruits, bluebe  Entomology and Nematology  Gainesville 
Liu, Guodong  plant physiology and plant nutrition  Horticultural Sciences   Gainesville 
Mannion, Catharine  Entomology - ornamentals  Tropical REC - Homestead  Homestead 
Marble, Chris  weed science/horticulture   Apopka 
McMillan, Robert  Plant Pathology  Tropical REC - Homestead  Homestead 
Mertely, James  Plant pathology  Gulf Coast REC - Balm  Wimauma 
Mizell, Russell  Entomology  North Florida REC - Quincy  Quincy 
Oi, Faith  Urban Entomology   Gainesville 
Olson, Stephen  Vegetables  North Florida REC - Quincy  Quincy 
Paret, Mathews  Plant Pathology  North Florida REC - Quincy   Quincy 
Park Brown, Sydney  Consumer Horticulture  Gulf Coast REC - Plant City Campus - Academic Programs   Plant City 
Peres, Natalia  Strawberries  Gulf Coast REC - Balm   Wimauma 
Rathinasabapathi, Bala  Vegetable crops   Horticultural Sciences   Gainesville  
Ritenour, Mark  Postharvest Citrus Physiological diorders  Indian River REC - Ft. Pierce  Fort Pierce 
Roberts, Pamela  Plant Pathology  Southwest Florida REC - Immokalee  Immokalee 
Sargent, Steven  Postharvest horticulture  Horticultural Sciences   Gainesville 
Schuerger, Andrew  Hydroponics  Plant Pathology   Kennedy Space Center 
Sellers, Brent  Pasture weeds, Invasive weeds  Range Cattle REC - Ona   Ona 
Small, Ian  Plant Pathology   Quincy 
Smith, Jason  Forest Pathologist  School of Forest Resources and Conservation   Gainesville 
Smith, Matthew  Mycology, Fungi, Mushroom  Plant Pathology   Gainesville 
Stamps, Robert  Cut foliage, ferns, environmental horticulture  Mid-Florida REC - Apopka  Apopka 
Thomas, Mike  Plant Pathology   FDACS   Gainesville 
Unruh, Bryan  Turf  West Florida REC   Milton 
Vallad, Gary  Plant Pathology  Gulf Coast REC - Balm   Wimauma 
Wallau, Marcelo  Forages   Gainesville 
Welbourn, Cal  Acari  FDACS   Gainesville 
Williamson, Jeff  Fruit crops  Horticultural Sciences   Gainesville 
Yanong, Roy  Fish Health  Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory  Ruskin 
Yeager, Thomas  Irrigation and nutrient management  Environmental Horticulture   Gainesville 
Zhang, Shouan  Vegetables  Tropical REC - Homestead   Homestead