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User Guidelines

For Specialists

If you received an email notification about a DDIS sample and you are not a registered DDIS user, please become a DDIS user by visiting the DDIS Website and select "Sign Up"

When you receive a DDIS sample notification, please try to reply as quickly as you can. Your rapid response could have an important impact on Florida's agriculture.

When you make your response, please login to DDIS and make your diagnosis. It is recommended not to respond to the sample by email or phone. The DDIS will automatically notify the individual submitting the sample by email. The archived DDIS database is a valuable resource for training and education, and is a good monitoring tool for problems which may be occurring statewide.

If a sample is tentatively identified through DDIS and later you have a confirmed diagnosis through a live sample, you are encouraged to add the confirmed diagnosis result to the DDIS. DDIS allows multiple entries of diagnosis and each of them is dated.

If you find a novel sample or a sample that has potential risk, you may initiate an alert by using DDIS system.

A list of over 16,000 EPA codes is available on the diagnosis screen. Please use this list as much as you can. By doing this we can standardize diagnosis names and this will increase the search ability of the database. Authorized users can submit confirmed diagnosis through DDIS to SPDN and NPDN. If you need such permission, you may send your request to the project leaders.

If you are traveling and cannot check your email, you may delegate someone to check for DDIS samples. You may also want to setup an automated email reply when you are out of office.

For additional information on how to use DDIS, please visit the DDIS Website or call IFAS-IT Help Desk at (352) 392-INFO. If you have any comments/suggestions to improve DDIS, please send them to the DDIS development team.