What is DDIS Media Library?

The DDIS Media Library is a peer-reviewed media database. The database contains a collection of digital media of plant pests, diseases, and plant produced by specialists of different disciplines. The media was provided for the use in education and references for pest diagnosis.

Are DDIS samples a part of the DDIS Media Library?

No. DDIS samples are available to registered users only. However, DDIS Media Library is available to general public.

Who can submit to the DDIS Media Library?

Any registered Media Library member can submit. In addition, all existing DDIS users can access the DDIS Media Library using their DDIS login credentials. CRDN and IPDN users need to sign up as a DDIS Media Library user in order to submit a sample to the library.

How can I sign up as a DDIS Media Library user?

In order to go to the sign up page, please Click Here

What types of file I can submit to DDIS Media Library?

JPEG, PNG & GIF image formats can be submitted.

Who can search DDIS Media Library?

The library is open to general public.

What are the sample review procedures?

The review process uses a standard peer-reviewed journal review process.

What are terms of use of DDIS Media Library?

All images and media (digital image, digital video, etc.) on the Distance Diagnostic and Identification System – ML (DDIS-ML) website (http://ddis.ifas.ufl.edu/) of UF/IFAS are protected by copyright. By using any images and media from this website you signify your agreement to the following terms:

Non-profit Educational Use: Media may be used without prior written permission by K-12 or higher education faculty and students, and by United States federal, state and county governments employees for research or educational purposes in web pages, class room, research and extension publications, presentations, assignments and other educational documents.

Commercial Use: Any other type of use or any commercial use is strictly prohibited without prior written permission and other requirements from the copyright holder and may necessitate payment of royalties or licensing fees.

All use of media must be accompanied by proper credit and citation of the repository of the DDIS website, photographer, and copyright notice. Each photographer or media producer retains all right to their photos or media.

Proper citation for non-profit educational use:

Name of copyright holder or media producer, institute, location, collection date, http://ddis.ifas.ufl.edu/
(i.e. Carrie Harmon, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA, 9/9/2004, http://ddis.ifas.ufl.edu/)

How do I submit media?

1. Login the DDIS Media Library.
2.Click on Media Library | Submit Media.
3.Fill the Sample Information, Location, and other fields.
4.In the Upload Media section, click the ‘Browse’ button and select the media you wish to upload. Additional media can be added using the ‘Add’ link. Media can be deleted from the submission using the ‘Delete’ link provided.