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Common Name: Trichoderma 
Scientific Name: Trichoderma sp./spp.  
Host Common Name: Unknown; No Site Specified 
Host Scientific Name: Unspecified  
Sample Type: Plant Disease 
Country: USA 
State/Province: Florida 
Collection Date: 05/25/2010 
Additional Description: * Please note that Trichoderma is common lab contaminant and not technically a plant pathogen. It is frequently seen on plates while attemping to grow out unknown pathogens. The pathogen was grown on culture media Acidified Potato Dextrose Agar. The spores were obtained with a tape mount which was stained with Lactophenol Blue and viewed with a compound scope at 40x. The pictures were taken at 2 days, 4 days, and 6 days. All pictures include top and bottom view of the plates. The microscope picture was taken at 4 days. 
Photographers/Video producers: Rachel Brown 
Submitter: Rachel Brown 
Submission Date: 06/30/2010 
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Pest: Trichodermasp./spp.
Host: Unspecified
Photographers/Video producers:
Rachel Brown
Submitter: Rachel Brown

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