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Common Name: Daylily Rust 
Scientific Name: Puccinia hemerocallidis  
Host Common Name: Daylily 
Host Scientific Name: Hemerocallis spp. hybrids 
Sample Type: Plant Disease 
Country: USA 
State/Province: FL 
City: Gainesville 
Collection Date: 06/17/2008 
Additional Description: Images of lower leaf surface of daylily at 60X and 125X magnification. Note restriction due to leaf veins, diffuse yellow holoes surrounding lesions, and the availability of immature and mature pustules/uredinia (some at blister stage and some erumpent with fresh yellow urediniospores. 
Photographers/Video producers: Carrie Harmon 
Submitter: Carrie Harmon 
Submission Date: 06/18/2008 
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Pest: Pucciniahemerocallidis
Host: Hemerocallisspp.
Photographers/Video producers:
Carrie Harmon
Submitter: Carrie Harmon

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